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Monday, 9 June 2014

The Unknown

Analysed photo:
This photo is very simple, it has a subject, a candle, in the foreground and the background of the photo is all completely black. There is an effect of depth as the candle fades and you can tell that it continues downward. Actual depth is not really shown in this photo because the background is totally black it is difficult to tell if the candle is 3D. The candle is the picture is framed by the blackness surrounding it. The black gives the candle complete attention since the black does not draw our eye and there is no interest in it. The worms eye view perspective is used in this photo which really add to the two dimensional effect of the candle. There is an asymmetrical balance in this picture, because the candle is on the right side of the photo and there is negative space on the left side. The negative space takes up the majority of the picture and the only positive space is the subject itself, which creates a very defined focus. Because there is a background of blackness, there are no other objects in the photo, and therefor the candle cannot be related to anything else in the picture. This picture follows the rule of thirds because the flame and candle are on a line that would divide the picture into three. This makes the photo more interesting because it creates that asymmetrical balance, because balance can be boring.
Edited photo:
I really like this picture, it shows the water leaving and you don't know where its going. 

I made this photo brighter and a lot sharper so you could really see the water. 
This reminded me of fortune tellers that would read the leaves in your tea and tell you your future. 

People are mysterious, you don't know their story or who they are. 

Pipes and drains have always been a mystery to me, where do they go?

These bars reminded of a jail, and being locked up and I wondered what could be behind bars?

What is behind the door?

I like these plastic tapes because you never know why they are there. 

There are so many places to go in the world, and I have been to so many but there are many things about it I will never know, and will never go to. I made the UAE the focus of this because I live there and the photo stretches out beyond it showing al of the places that are still waiting to be discovered. 

This is part of my theme because its a mess and messes always have to be made. 

I really like this picture because you don't know how it was taken or what it is of. 

I love books. They are full of surprises and you don't know whats going to happen, in this picture you don't know the title, the author, or anything about them.

Who's boots are they, where have they gone?

You never know what happened to broken things. 

Magic tricks are captivating because you never know how they work. 

what does it mean to be human?

Keys are a symbol of opening and unlocking, but what do they open?

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Creative Commons

1.If someone does something original then yes they should get credit for it because they probably worked very hard to come up with it and deserve recognition.

2. You could give credit for a photo by citing the person who took the photo.

3. In other forms of work you can create a bibliography and use the correct format to give them credit.

4. It is fair to use other people's work to create you own because you have to base your ideas off of something else and it is a good way to start as long as it is not too similar to their piece of work.

5. It is not okay to upright copy somebody's work. If you do that you have to give them credit or you have to change it enough so it is your own.

About the Video

1. Is it fair?
It was unfair of the company to use the girls photo especially without her permission even if there hadn't been creative commons on it the company should have known to not use a random persons picture.

2. Was virgin mobile allowed to do this?
No they were not allowed to use her photo because they didn't ask the girl or whoever put the picture on flickr.

3. What do you think about this?
I think it was very unfair and invasive to the girls privacy to take her picture and use it in a nation wide advertisement. I was stolen and should not have been used.

4. What if you were that girl?
If I was the girl I would be very upset with the company and tell them to take down the photo. 

Wednesday, 23 April 2014